Single mothers’ psychotherapy retreat

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SINGLE mothers have created a platform through which they relieve daily pressures by having outdoor outings, picnics and engaging in games.

Spearheaded by Alice Tagwira, an advocate for women’s rights, the platform also offers healing classes for emotionally distressed women.

“I do outings just to help single mothers release their life pressures by having fun. We also conduct emotional healing classes for those struggling to comprehend what they are going through and help each other with income generating projects,” said Tagwira.

So far they have held a picnic outing which saw several women converge and share experiences. “We held a free picnic which saw about 50 women attending and it was an opportunity for them to showcase their businesses, network, have fun and share experiences. I saw them crying their hearts out and that is when I decided to open free emotional healing classes for them.”

She told the Daily News that as a single mother herself, she knows the struggles women face in society and religious circles, hence the decision to have a platform through which they interact. “As a single mother I know the pain of struggling to forgive yourself and the ones that hurt you, the pain of trying to move on, the pain of raising the kids alone, the pain of being labelled a loser by society and religion,” she said.

She said they will be having a conference next month which will bring together all stakeholders in advocating for the empowerment of single mothers.

“We are going to have a conference at the end of April which will see us engage churches, ministries and organisations advocating and empowering the single mother.”

Tagwira said single mothers usually encounter difficult situations in life.

“Women are victims of abuse, child marriage and rape. Two people engage sexually but the consequences fall on woman. The society begins to label the girl child as a failure and a weakling while religion labels her a sinner of less value. Some men will even call her a whore.”

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