Silence is the virtue of fools


IT WAS Francis Bacon, the prominent philosopher and politician, who said rather flamboyantly that silence is the virtue of fools.

What the former attorney general and Lord Chancellor of England meant when he said this 400 years ago was that one would be a fool to keep their mouth shut when something needed to be said or done.

The hundreds of thousands of readers of the Daily News on all its multiple platforms know that we, at the country’s leading and most influential newspaper, are no fools — and also don’t suffer fools gladly either.

Indeed, and notwithstanding the predictable foolishness and malice of our few and flailing detractors, we always tell it like it is — without fear or favour. Which is what any credible, self-respecting mainstream media offering should do.

This is more so when one notes the reality that Zimbabwe is a country in deep crisis, with its seemingly intractable problems now extending way beyond the arena of politics.

If anyone doubts this incontrovertible truth, just sample the social media rantings of people who should ordinarily be seen as key and impartial members of the intelligentsia and media fraternity, for example, to appreciate this truth.

Many of these people’s partisan and poisonous postings, their affinity for primitive trolling of others, and their aversion to facts and the truth does not only make a mockery of their professions and stations in life, it also aptly captures the country’s myriad crises — which are now seemingly all-encompassing and all-consuming.

This is why the people’s paper, the Daily News, will never be silent when there is something to be said or done, and neither will it conform to the prevailing commentariat mediocrity on our national politics.

We are especially determined to continue calling out the charlatans on both sides of Zimbabwe’s political divide who are hell-bent on sowing seeds of anarchy in the country, while entrenching the harmful “us” and “them” mentality that has locked the nation in a vice grip of hopelessness over the past two decades.

Fortunately, the vast majority of Zimbabweans support our view and are desperate for the country’s unhealthy polarisation to die, as this is making badly-needed political compromise — to move the nation forward — impossible.

And so, for the avoidance of doubt to the few doubting Thomases out there, we at the Daily News will continue to put our country way ahead of political parties and their egocentric leaders, and we will continue to “tell it like it is”, without any fear or favour.

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