Show professionalism, senior cops challenged


By Pepertua Rojasi 

POLICE commissioner- general Godwin Matanga has challenged senior members of the force to show professionalism and effective leadership in order to uphold the integrity of the law enforcement agency.

This comes as the police force is still in a transition phase after years of alleged corruption and heavy handedness during former boss Augustine Chihuri’s reign.

Matanga was speaking during a ceremony to confer ranks on newly-promoted senior police officers at Morris Depot  in Harare yesterday.

At least seven commissioners, 19 assistant commissioners, 48 chief superintendents and 168 superintendents were conferred with new ranks.

“Let me say to the newly-promoted senior officers, that your elevation is not a passport to settling personal scores with those below you, neither is it an opportunity to abuse authority and organisational resources for self-aggrandisement or otherwise.

“Instead, this is an opportunity for you to reciprocate the trust and confidence that the organisation and government has reposed on you by upholding the virtues of professionalism, transparency and fairness,” Matanga said.

Matanga said the promotion exercise which saw at least 5 000 officers country-wide getting elevated also saw a good number of female officers being rewarded for their good work, which is also in line with the police’s gender mainstreaming exercise.

The police boss urged the newly-promoted officers to remain vigilant in their various jurisdictions to ensure the public is adhering to the laid down Covid-19 protocols and regulations.

“I urge you to continue monitoring deployments meant to enforce Covid-19 regulations in order to safeguard the nation against this menace that has wreaked havoc across the globe,” he said.

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