Should you always use the same international money transfer app or service provider

Although it might seem to be the easiest to just transfer money straight from your bank account, there are some definite benefits of using a provider that focuses solely on international money transfers that you could be missing out when using a traditional bank.

Using a specialist money transfer service provider and app gives you access to expert guidance plus a range of exclusive tools and products, as well as lower transfer fees and more competitive exchange rates compared with the average traditional bank.

An international money transfer specialist will give the sender several options like spot deals, forward contracts, limit orders and regular payment plans that you wouldn’t be able to get access to if you decide to use alternative international payment methods, like credit cards or Paypal.

If you need to send money overseas and choose to do so through Zimbabwe money transfer services , you can benefit in the following ways:

Sikhona Money Transfers, for one, aims to protect their customers’ personal information at all costs. They will never share any of your details with another entity without your consent.

When a customer choose to use a specialist international money transfer provider, he or she will generally scrutinise the exchange rates offered, in order to wind up with the maximum amount of money on the other side of your transfer – at least more than if you had sent the money via a B Bank account transfer. A current exchange rate will determine how much foreign money the receiver will end up with once a transfer is completed.

As an experienced money transfer service Sikhona is able to provide the most competitive exchange rates possible.

Sikhona can offer the best deal around, especially if you’re transferring large sums of money where even a small difference in the exchange rate could result in a big difference in the final amount. International money transfers may also come with hidden fees that can quickly add up to decrease the amount of foreign currency you get out of a transfer.

Global reach
With its global reach of more than 160 countries, Sikhona Money Transfer can facilitate immediate remittance to cash pick-ups, mobile wallets, and even bank deposits. The company makes use of a pay-out distribution network of more than 440 000 points of presence, making it convenient for the
receiver of the money to get hold of it.

Higher transfer limits.
A bank may impose a daily withdrawal cap which applies to how much you can transfer overseas each day, and while most money transfer specialists also have upper limits on how much you can send, they are generally speaking higher. This is especially convenient if you need to make large, lump sum payments.

Speed and convenience
If you schedule a transfer, it is important to know how quickly the transfer will be processed. Sometimes such a transfer can take up to 5 days to be completed (including verification of your identity and other security checks).

Once you are a registered customer with Sikhona however, you can send or receive money within
twenty-four hours.

A dedicated transfer service like Shikona Sikhona enables you to perform transfers online or with your smartphone, which means you have easy, 24 hour access.

At Sikhona Money Transfer, you can do this with their innovative mobile app that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.