Shortage of chemicals affecting HCC water supply


HARARE City Council is facing a shortage of water treatment chemicals which is affecting water delivery, the city fathers said in a statement.

“The City of Harare would like to advise residents that we are currently facing challenges in the procurement of water chemicals.

This has seen us being forced to reduce water production. We will give updates as and when the situation improves. Council requires the United States dollars to fund service delivery through the procurement of fuel, water treatment chemicals and suppliers who are charging in forex.

Following our appeal that you now have an option to either pay your bills in local currency or in United States dollars, we are pleased to report back that there is overwhelming support for the option.

“Council promises transparency and accountability with regards to all payments and would without fail table the United States collections every month and how the funds were used,” the council said in the statement.

The council also promised to deal with garbage collections once fuel is made available.

“We are currently unable to remove household garbage because we do not have diesel. We paid for our consignment and are yet to receive the fuel. We are therefore unable to deploy any garbage collection trucks. Once we receive the fuel we will do a blitz in all suburbs to clear the backlog created through non collection.”

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  1. Yohwe says

    How were previous councils securing forex. When you get grants you prefer buying yourselves expensive vehicles.

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