Tatiana Ellis, West Property COO

‘She has confidence in brand Zimbabwe’

SHE never misses to mention her passion for Zimbabwe and its growth. Her love for Zimbabwe is marked in all the things she does and plans to do.
Being an avid traveller who has visited more cities- than she can count, she has obviously experienced a lot of environments such that when she ranks Zimbabwe highly – her rating is no fluke.
Her name is Tatiana Ellis, an international born investor who has literally made Zimbabwe her country of birth.
Every day she goes to bed – she dreams of a prosperous Zimbabwe. She was charmed by the country’s investment drive, its people and weather when she decided to set shop in Harare together with her friends and family.

Tatiana Ellis, an international born investor who has literally made Zimbabwe her country of birth

Today Mrs Ellis is a household name in the property development sector where she hob knobs with the country’s big real estate brains.
Workmates describe her as a goal getter, a woman of high morals, integrity and business acumen. Her down side is she has spent a lot of time at the courts defending her investments, name and integrity.
This has taken a toll on her. She tries to put a brave face each time she is asked how the court cases and the fights to derail the company’s ambitious projects has affected her.
“These are diversionary tactics to distract us from achieving what we have set to do for Zimbabwe.
“We came here because we were charmed by the country’s investment opportunities. We are going to continue developing my now adopted nation the best we can,” she says.
Mrs Ellis has won many awards in the property development sector. Last year she was adjudged the Project Director of the year 2022 before bagging another accolade one of the most influential Women in Project Management, Property Development, Commercial and Residential for 2022.
She is a recipient of many other awards.
This week she is again walking on the podium top receive another outstanding award for excellence.
Many would want to know more about the enigmatic Mrs Ellis. She is an accomplished businesswoman, a philanthropist, girl child activist and a strong advocate for women empowerment.
She is the Chief Operating Officer at West Property, an innovative and fast growing property company whose mantra is to “Bring Dubai to Zimbabwe” and a vision to lay one billion bricks by 2050.
The company has built picturesque residential and commercial properties that include Pokugara, Millennium Heights, Gunhill Rise and the signature Pomona City a city within a city.
Asked to share the secret behind West Property success Mrs Ellis had this to say: “We have managed to remain in business because of team spirit and our confidence in brand Zimbabwe. That is not to say we have not faced challenges.
“We have used the challenges to strengthen our resolve to lay one billion bricks by 2050. We love Zimbabwe and believe in our brand. You keep yourself above water if you always do the right things”.
She says her desire is to create a gender friendly working environment where there is equal representation of both gender in both decision making and operative levels.
“Our work stations promote growth, competency and do not discriminate against gender. The sky is the limit for all our employees. I am personally grateful for being recognised for this post and I will always work hard to bring the desired results”, she says.
She always that last word when talking about Zimbabwe.
“The outlook is very pleasing and encouraging. There has never been a better time to invest in Zimbabwe than now. We are creating ecosystems/environments that are suitable to live, work, play and shop. We are selling/creating a lifestyle in the real estate sector,” she says and always reminds: “Every investor needs three things to prosper law and order, maintenance of the investor reputation and ease of doing business efficiency”.
She is happily married and is a mother of five.

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