Shantel lines up six singles

SOUTH Africa-based musician, Shantel, says she has chosen the rhumba genre as part of her efforts to penetrate the international market.

She told the Daily News she chose rhumba as the genre appeals to a wider audience compared to local small music genres.

“I love rhumba because it is an international genre. The idea is to spread my brand beyond Zimbabwe and I believe that is the only way we can grow our music industry,” Shantel said.

Born Gester Tachiona, Shantel is set to launch six singles before year end.

“The new singles are meant to strengthen my name on the international music scene. I have invested both time and money in the singles and I am optimistic fans will love them,” she said.

The lined up singles come after her two albums Kutamba Kwemagweja and Dhonzerai Kuno.

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my music producer Lance Tee for his dedication and also to Kennedy Kutira for the amazing support.”

Shantel carved her musical career as a Zimdancehall artiste before switching to rhumba and she does not regret the move.

Kutira who handles Shantel’s affairs says they have lined up shows both in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

“The concerts will be held after the Covid-19 national lockdowns. As of now, we are busy running around securing venues for the shows,” he said.

Covid-19 pandemic has affected the music industry and this has led to most of the musicians looking for alternative ways of earning a living.