‘Shaina’ film set for online premiere


SHAINA, a new local movie will premiere online this Friday, after it premiered on ZBC TV for two days last month.

The online premiere is going to promote the star-studded movie considering some of the movie’s targeted viewers have no access to the State broadcaster.

“The movie will premiere on Youtube this Friday,” publicist Sandra Chipwanya said.

Produced by the same creative team that brought Inside Story and The Lucky Specials to television screens across Africa, Shaina brings together the best of Zimbabwe’s talent in the likes of Jesesi Mungoshi, Leroy Gopal, Edmore Sandifolo, Marian Kunonga and Charmaine Mujeri alongside a host of refreshing young talent.

Shaina also features upcoming actors in the form of Wilmah Munemera, Tinodiwanashe Chitima, Gamu Mukwakwami, Tadiwanashe Marowa and Tarumbidzwa Chirume.

Shaina aired on ZBC TV in August on 21 and 23.


The movie is about a group of friends who face life-changing obstacles that mirror day-to-day challenges encountered by ordinary people.

Their dreams and aspirations are put to the test as they fight to overcome their circumstances.
They discover that there is power in believing in one’s self and in standing together. It’s a story about friendship, forgiveness and finding real power in girls supporting girls.

This captivating drama is a story about something Zimbabweans excel at; resilience and the ultimate lesson is ingenuity in the face of tough challenges.

The movie prides itself in being one of the few to have a rare combination of a female director in Beautie Masvaure and a female screenplay writer in Wanisai Chingwendere both of whom are Zimbabweans with outstanding experience working at home and abroad.


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