‘Sexy footage lights up my videos’

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RENOWNED music star Jah Prayzah says in as much as he tries by all means to shun away from “sexy footage’’ in his music videos, he is always tempted to include them as they light up productions.

Two songs; “Mukwasha” and “Donhodzo” off his latest album “Hokoyo” contain elements of mischief and indecency. Although it is so, the two have garnered over a million views on YouTube each as of yesterday, making them the most popular on the new release.
“My lyrics are clean. Considering my brand which is family friendly, I cannot be seen including some ‘dirty lyrics’ in my music. But, however, in videos, I respect other people’s views and contribution. At times artists put some controversial clips just to light up the video. The videos should not be always too serious,” Jah Prayzah said.
Interestingly all other “decent” videos on the album “Hokoyo” are still to reach a million hits milestone on YouTube.
“The performance of ‘Mukwasha’ on the market has shocked me. I wasn’t expecting that. However, I am convinced that the song became more popular with my fans as it appeals to everyone. Every man is going to be a son-in-law hence the popularity,” he said.

The multi-award-winning singer added that in terms of composing songs, “that is my sole responsibility but when it comes to videos, we help each other as a band. We can even invite other script writers to come up with their own scripts.”
In “Donhodzo” video, Jah Prayzah featured a scantily-dressed lady who seemingly contributed to the popularity of the video with her seductive moves.
On the other hand, in “Mukwasha” video the singer includes a clip showing a roost and a hen being intimate. As if this was not enough, comedian Mabla 10 is also featured figuratively ‘farting’ in the same video.
The video for “Mukwasha” is leading other songs on the album with close to 2 million hits on social media platform Youtube followed by “Donhodzo” with 1.2 million hits.
“On Donhodzo, I was not shocked as I have done the song fully aware of what my fans want,” he said.
Other songs on the album are “Kwayedza”, “Munyaradzi”, “Asante”, “Kana Ndada” featuring South African songbird Zahara, “Dzirere”, “Chiramwiwa”, ‘Nyaya Dzerudo”, “Wenge”, “Mwana Wamambo”, “Tonight” and the title track “Hokoyo”.
With at least 100 000 subscribers on his Youtube channel, the singer recently reached 100 million hits on the YouTube thanks to the popularity of his 129 music videos on that platform.

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