Sex worker  neglects child

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A SUSPECTED sex worker from Mt Hampden is in trouble for allegedly leaving her 10-month-old child alone in her house while she went out with a man.

The child has been taken by village health workers after a report was made that she had left the child alone for a whole day.

Varaidzo Manhuwa, 20, who is facing allegations of neglecting a child, is out on bail.

Claims are that on August 3, a village health worker received a report from Manhuwa’s neighbours that she had abandoned her child in a room from 6am to 3pm.

The village health worker went to the house and found the child alone in the house.

When the health worker inquired about Manhuwa’s whereabouts, she was informed that she had gone out with a man.

The village health worker took the child to a nearby police station where a report was made, leading to Manhuwa’s arrest.

In another matter, a 21-year-old woman has been arrested for allegedly dumping her new born baby.

Allegations are that on June 14, Sarah Gumbo from Dzivaresekwa, Harare, delivered a baby in her room.

After the delivery, she allegedly wrapped the baby in two plastic bags and dumped it at a dumping site in Kuwadzana near a church.

The baby was found by passers-by and investigations led to the arrest of Gumbo.

She will appear in court on October 15 for trial.

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