Service stations blasted


INDUSTRIALIST and National Competitiveness Commission (NCC) chairperson Kumbirai Katsande yesterday castigated service stations for selling fuel to card holders only at the expense of other consumers.
The fuel situation in the country has remained dire, with motorists having to wait days on end to get either petrol or diesel.
Katsande raised concerns over the selective application of service, saying it is disadvantaging many consumers who are also unaware of procedures to take in order to get “royal treatment” like card holders.
“People are being given a condition to buy other items when they want to purchase a 10kg bag of roller meal.
“The Consumer Protection Act will also ensure that the consumer has methods of redress to express their rights.
“If you go to fuel stations, fuel attendants are like kings, but the service is terrible and by the way, can you deal with this, if you don’t have a so-called account when you go to a queue, you will not be served.
“They don’t advertise where people can get these accounts.
“If you come from Marondera and you want fuel (in Harare) they will ask whether you have an account,” he said.
This comes as long fuel queues have become a common sight on Zimbabwe’s busy streets since October 2018.
Despite the government saying it issued letters of credit to suppliers in December which covered the first quarter of 2020, bringing temporary relief, the fuel shortages are back.
Some fuel attendants and dealers are worsening the situation by demanding kickbacks from desperate motorists.
Customers are forking out over US$5 for 20 litres of fuel and over US$10 for a full tank.
The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission is investigating at least 42 local fuel companies over corrupt fuel dealings.

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