2023 Elections Count Down

SEC’s Farai Mpofu urges investment in financial knowledge to fight poverty

2023 Elections Count Down

SEC’s Farai Mpofu urges investment in financial knowledge to fight poverty

THE Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe Head of Investor Education, Farai Mpofu has urged Zimbabweans to invest in financial literacy as the first step towards fiscal freedom.

She was speaking during the first episode of the Bang for Buck series which aired on Thursday. The television series is sponsored by Old Mutual Zimbabwe and is produced by Equity Axis, a leading media and research and media firm.

According to Mpofu, “whatever you have is sufficient to start.”

“Investments make sure ordinary citizens’ money is put away into productive activity to companies that are in dire need of it- which benefits the nation as a whole at a larger scale,” she said.

She emphasized the importance of investment to individuals and the nation as a whole. The episode gave an example of a young lady named Gamu, who started investing her income from her side hustle business. After two years, her portfolio grew phenomenally by over 1 000%.

Equity Axis’ Eben Mabunda presented the episode highlighting the challenges ordinary Zimbabweans face, and the information they need to leverage financial systems and ultimately unlock financial freedom. Bang for Buck is truly an inspiration for ordinary Zimbabweans to dream bigger and cultivate an investing mentality.

With help from Ntando, a fun animation kept the viewers hooked during the episode Mpofu shared financial nuggets and techniques with relatable examples, the types of investments on the market and what each investment option entails. The episode also encouraged every investor entering the capital markets to understand the various investment asset options that are available for every ordinary person in Zimbabwe.

For many, the financial future is uncertain due to limited resources at their disposal. Today, more and more people are responsible for their finances than ever before, with life expectancies rising, and strained pension and social welfare systems.

The investment-themed programme launched at an opportune time to bridge the knowledge gap. Viewers are equipped with information for effective decision-making across different financial contexts. The input given helps to improve the public’s financial well-being, and enables participation in economic life.

Investment assets do not only offer consummation, but they preserve and grow capital. Types of investment assets include stocks/shares/ equities, bonds that lend money to an entity, mutual funds- managed actively and passively, exchange-traded funds, certificates of deposit, retirement plans, options, cryptocurrency, annuities, the bottom line and commodities. Through Old Mutual unit trusts, investors can invest in various asset classes with the help of its investment experts.

Bang for Buck nullifies the myth that investment is for people with large amounts saved.


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