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School girl releases corona song

SCHOOL-GOING Ropafadzo Madungwe has launched her career in style with the release of  a new single titled Corona.
The song which is more of an awareness against the deadly virus was released last week. Using her melodious voice, the 16-year-old Ropafadzo warns the nation against the virus.

“The song is informative and educative as it addresses the symptoms of corona and urges people to urgently seek medical help once they have those symptoms.

“The song also educates on correct use of masks, sanitising and social distancing. It also gives hope to Zimbabwe that once we adhere to the coronavirus health regulations, we will win the fight against the disease,” Madungwe said.

However, the youthful musician is set to release three more singles on February 14 as she seeks to establish herself in the cutthroat showbiz sector.

The three songs namely Favour, Munesimba and Nyasha were recorded at Velocity Records and her music is being marketed and distributed by Kirah Music. To prove her talent, Ropafadzo composed all the songs and is currently working on a debut album to be released by mid-year.

Ropafadzo said gospel musician, Clarence Garura, better known as Kirah in the music industry played an important role in grooming her.

Kirah is also featured on the two songs that are yet to be released on the upcoming album. Ropafadzo was born in a family of four. She is currently doing Form 4 at Pumula High School. She started singing at the age of 8 and began ministering in churches and events at the age of 12.

While at the age of 14, she tried to record some singles early but the project flopped. She however, did not give up, till today.

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