San community goes hungry as govt dithers  

SAN communities in Tsholotsho and some parts of Plumtree have appealed for food relief as hunger continues to bite following the Covid-19 outbreak, the Daily News on Sunday reports.
The government introduced a national lockdown to curb the spread of the virus, which has so far claimed four lives in Zimbabwe.
Tso-ro-tso San Development Trust director Davy Ndlovu said the situation was getting worse each day.
The latest appeal comes after the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) last month raised the red flag over the hunger that has been affecting the minority group ever since the lockdown was declared.
“Since independence, the San have been marginalised, with government doing little or nothing to make sure this minority tribe is at par with others. Now with this Covid-19, the situation here is pathetic. People are dying of hunger.
“Unfortunately no one will ever tell you that but the situation here needs people to come together. Yes we have had some organisations coming to assist here and there but it has not been enough to save the situation,” Ndlovu told Daily News on Sunday.
“We played our part on raising awareness and I am happy that almost everyone is aware of the dangers posed by the pandemic but unfortunately they can’t stay at home due to hunger. The San community survives on piece jobs, therefore they are very mobile but vulnerable,” he said.
 Matabeleland North Provincial Affairs minister Richard Moyo said: “I haven’t received any report so far, but as government we have been assisting the vulnerable through social welfare.
“I know we might not have managed to reach out to the entire San community but we will have to look into that soon,” Moyo told the Daily News on Sunday.

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