SA pilchards recall: Zim must take heed


CONFEDERATION of Zimbabwe Retailers president Denford Mutashu yesterday urged retailers and informal traders to remove from the shelves 400g pilchards in tomato sauce, which have been recalled in South Africa, because they are potentially harmful.

The South African producer of pilchards — West Point Processors — said they had recalled the products which have the specific batch codes starting with ZST2 and ZSC2, because there was a possibility of a “canning deficiency” that could result in the product reacting with the metal in the tin after several months of storage.

The National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) also announced on Monday night that the product was “compromised” on the production line when the sauce was added to the fish in the can, and “therefore could affect the safety of consumers”.

“Products with the above-mentioned codes must be returned to the supermarket where it was purchased for a full refund.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused,” said the company.

The fact that Zimbabwe imports US$800 million worth of goods and services from South Africa annually has prompted Mutashu to implore local retailers and informal traders to heed the recall.

“Retailers and wholesalers, formal and informal should uplift the products from shelves and send them back to suppliers with immediate effect.

“Consumers should desist from buying the products forthwith.

“There are distributors who procure and supply the product on behalf of the Cape Town-based manufacturer who bear the responsibility, unless someone imported directly from other South African wholesalers or distributors.

“The purpose of taking the products from shelves is to protect the health of the public and for the trader to get a refund,” Mutashu said.

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