SA-based Zim musician set to release third album


SOUTH Africa- based Zimbabwean musician Chris Million Masocha is set to release his third album titled ChaSatani Hachidyiwe Mahara later this month.


The seven-track album basically explores the way people live on a day-to-day basis and seeks to reflect on the age-old adage of “character is fate”. The album will be launched online unless coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions are eased further, according to the musician.


In other words, you reap the rewards of whatever you do in life, which becomes the thread that links the seven tracks on the album, although the single with that title will not be carried on this album.


In a telephone interview with the Daily News from his Port-Elizabeth base, the musician said:

“Whatever it is that you do in life, it will have results later on. Even if it is money, there is no way you can just get money without working for it. The track ChaSatani Hachidyiwe Mahara will appear on my forthcoming album. It is a new strategy that I have adopted. But you will see that all tracks on this album are linked through this thin thread that you pay for everything that you get.


The album carries the tracks Dandaro, Ishe Ndinotenda, Mufaro Wangu, Mwana Vaviri, Chirwere, 4 PaNumber 1, and Chigumbu.



The track Dandaro shows that in this world, we are not permanent reminiscent of popular Shakespearean quote that “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.”


On Ishe Ndinotenda, like the name suggests, Masocha is thanking the Almighty for what He has done and continues to do for him. Mufaro Wangu is about a mother who faces marital problems and finds comfort in her children.


On the other hand, Mwana Vaviri blasts men who go out with girls and later deny responsibility for their pregnancy, heightening the problems of abortion and even suicide on the part of the victims.


Chirwere, talks about HIV/Aids, where Masocha urges people to get tested and know their status so that they van access treatment. That way he says you have the chance to survive much longer. On the song Chigumbu, a child is lamenting the arrival of the father’s second wife.

The musician says that the track 4 PaNumber 1 explores the fact that inn life everyone is battling to be number 1, whatever they are doing.

Masocha, who released his debut album titled Mari Huchi in 2017. Tanha Dzaunosvikira came in 2019, confirming Masocha as a social commentator of note. While the first three albums belong to the sungura genre, Masocha is working on releasing an Afro Jazz album due for release in November.


Masocha shared the stage with sungura kingpin Alick Macheso when he performed in South Africa in 2017.


The musician also said that he was inspired by Innocent Mpala of Zim Select Band and Macheso. “They are my brothers. I was well-known at Baba Shero’s shows which I attended all the time when I came home from SA.”


Born on April 13,1980 in Mubaira, Mhondoro, Masocha did his primary education at Kawara Primary School before proceeding to Beatrice High forms 1 and 2. He then went to Seke 4 High for his forms 3 and 4.


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