SA-based musician tackles fear  in new song



Vasco Chaya

Aptly titled Fear, it was released last week together with its video. The song, which is his debut single, encourages people to overcome their fears if they want to succeed in their endeavours.

In the song, Nhete spells out some of the ways to overcome fear among them understanding the word of God.

“We all have potential to do amazing things in life but our major and common enemy is fear. Fear limits people from accomplishing their goals in life,” the 35-year-old singer said.

Born in Mhondoro Ngezi, Nhete believes it took him time to realise his dreams mainly because of fear.

“If you grow up in rural areas, you will face some challenges when you migrate to urban centres. This is mainly caused by the fear of uncertainties. I remember being afraid of visiting big towns and it affected a lot of things in my life. When I finally got to stay in the town, I realised that I was also afraid of travelling outside the country. But by the grace of God I overcame fear and was able to establish myself in many ways.

“The song tries to encourage people to be brave and quickly make it in life,” Nhete who is also a pastor at Rapha Church of Christ said.

He added that this being his debut studio project, the song is meant to test waters in the music industry. “I have recorded a number of songs but I have decided to release this one first. Fans should expect two more songs before year-end.

“As my core business is to preach, I have ventured into music just to spread the gospel to various parts of the country and beyond. Remember, music is the fastest way of sending a message,” he said.

SOUTH Africa-based preacher-cum-musician George Nhete’s new song tackles fear.

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