RTG and Grand Metropolitan launch online booking engine

Rainbow Tourism Group (RTG), a leading hospitality company in Zimbabwe, and Grand Metropolitan Hotels (GMH), a renowned European hotel company, have launched a state-of-the-art online booking engine.

This initiative aims to enhance the guest experience, streamline reservations, and facilitate seamless online bookings for travelers across Africa and beyond.

The partnership between RTG and Grand Metropolitan Hotels brings together the expertise and resources of two industry leaders to provide a user-friendly, efficient, and secure online platform for guests to book hotel accommodation in Africa and beyond. The online booking engine will offer a comprehensive selection of hotels, resorts, and lodges operated by RTG and Grand Metropolitan Hotels, partners listed on the platform, allowing travelers to easily explore and reserve their desired accommodation.

With the increasing popularity of online travel bookings, the launch of this booking engine comes at an opportune time. Travelers from around the world will now have direct access to the diverse range of hospitality properties offered by the two entities. The platform will provide real-time availability, competitive rates, and detailed information about each property, enabling guests to make informed decisions and secure their bookings effortlessly.

The online booking engine will be integrated seamlessly into an RTG and GMH website, ensuring a smooth and intuitive user experience. Guests will be able to browse through various accommodation options, view high-quality images, and access detailed descriptions of each property’s amenities, services, and local attractions. Additionally, the platform will feature a secure payment gateway, enabling guests to make reservations with confidence and peace of mind.

Commenting on the launch, Tendai Madziwanyika, RTG Chief Executive, said, “We are delighted to partner with Grand Metropolitan Hotels to introduce this advanced online booking engine. This initiative reflects our commitment to providing our guests with convenient and efficient ways to book their accommodation. With the integration of this technology, we aim to enhance the overall guest experience and promote Africa as a top travel destination.”

Mr. Martin Smura Chairman and President of Grand Metropolitan Hotels, added, “We are excited to collaborate with RTG’ Gateway Stream Digital Platform in launching this user-friendly online booking engine. Through this partnership, we aim to showcase the unique offerings of all listed properties to a wider audience and facilitate seamless bookings for travelers planning their visit to Africa and beyond.”

The online booking engine is now live and accessible through the following Travelers seeking exceptional accommodations in Africa and beyond are encouraged to explore the platform and take advantage of the convenience and benefits it offers. ENDS//

About Gateway Stream Digital Platform

Gateway Stream Digital Platform is a Zimbabwean home-grown digital platform, wholly owned by the Rainbow Tourism Group specializing in the hospitality industry products and services as one of its major offerings on the platform among other services like food, grocery, and liquor deliveries in Zimbabwe. With its innovative solutions, including online booking systems, property management tools, book-a-ride, banqueting & conferencing venues and guest experience platforms, the Gateway Stream Digital Platform enables hotels and resorts to streamline operations, enhance guest satisfaction, and drive revenue growth through global reach and distribution.

About Grand Metropolitan Hotels

Grand Metropolitan Hotels (GMH) is a distinguished white-label hotel operator, Grand Metropolitan specializes in delivering bespoke management services tailored to the unique needs of hotel owners and investors. With a solid equity foundation of 200 million EUR, and backed by a broad range of institutional investors and family offices, our company has successfully established a diverse portfolio of over 80 esteemed properties.

Leveraging an interdisciplinary approach, our international team of dedicated professionals merge diverse areas of expertise to excel in results-driven, responsible, and agile decision-making. Sustainability and advanced digitalization are intrinsic to our operations, enhancing the classic service excellence that distinguishes us from our competitors.

GMH has six strategic offices across the Globe, and is focused on consistently exceeding market benchmarks, providing unparalleled support to hotels in their portfolio to achieve remarkable results.

About Rainbow Tourism Group:

ISO 9001:2015 certified, Rainbow Tourism Group (RTG), is one of the largest tourism companies in Zimbabwe. Listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, RTG is a dominant player in the tourism and online retail industry. The company has expanded its business scope beyond hotels with the launch of its local tour operations subsidiary Heritage Expeditions Africa and its digital platform; the Gateway Stream Digital Platform; a one-stop online marketplace that offers a diverse range of products, services and experiences.  RTG also has a marketing & sales office in Johannesburg South Africa.

The Group has six hotels located in Zimbabwe; two are in the capital city Harare, one in Zimbabwe’s mining town – Kadoma, one in the country’s second largest city – Bulawayo and two in the resort town of the world-renowned tourist attraction Victoria Falls. The Group has the largest convention centre in Zimbabwe – Harare International Conference Centre (HICC), which has a seating capacity of 4500.

Heritage Expeditions Africa, is the Group’s tour operations arm which provides heritage packages covering adventure, wildlife, historical and cultural experiences in Zimbabwe.

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