Rhino Run lives up to expectations

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Vasco Chaya



SINGER Jah Signal wowed fans at the Chivero Rhino Run on Saturday courtesy of Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks).

The Chivero Rhino Run was held at Lake Chivero which is located about 30km from the capital, Harare.

He performed a number of his popular songs such as Yekedero, Chembere Dzekwedu and Nhando among others much to the delight of his fans who responded by singing along.

“It was a resounding success and it was amazing. We continue urging people, mainly the Hararians to take advantage of Lake Chivero for leisure. There are a number of interesting activities in this area ranging from game drive where people will see rhinos, giraffes and zebras among other wild animals. There are also children’s games among others,” ZimParks spokesperson Tinashe Farawo said.

On Saturday, leisure-seeking people mainly from Harare, Norton and Chitungwiza and surrounding areas were treated to activities and games including horse riding, game drives, zumba (an exercise fitness programme created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto Pérez in the 1990s), tug-of-war, aerobics, fitness boxing and braai among others apart from live music from Jah Signal.

The activities came after people initially participated in the 5km to 21km fun run.

“The event was meant to promote domestic tourism and to raise awareness for our conservation efforts,” Farawo said.

The government recently opened the tourism sector to operate during the on-going Covid-19-induced national lockdown.

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