Remunerate health workers adequately


EDITOR — The issue of incapacitation of government workers due to insufficient salaries has been in the limelight for a long time before and after the coronavirus lockdown.

We all know that the government does not have the resources to adequately remunerate its workers.

But this problem does not apply to government alone but to many other companies that have been adversely affected by Covid-19.

But the reason why I had to write this letter is the issue of nurses from Bulawayo who are walking to work because there is no transport for them.

According to recent press reports, nurses at Ingutsheni Central Hospital are walking to and from work.

This was revealed recently by the mental institution’s acting chief executive officer, Nemache Mawere, while briefing visiting Vice President and also Health minister Constantino Chiwenga on the problems facing the mental health facility.

“We need more vehicles for our nurses. Sometimes when our nurses finish work, it’s difficult for them to go home, but they continue coming to work even deciding to walk from town to here,” said Mawere.

He added that the health workers needed buses.

The fact that the nurses are even prepared to walk to and from work shows that they are committed to their jobs and want to keep the health delivery service system afloat despite the many challenges  the sector is facing.

Government needs to urgently find a solution for some of these problems for dedicated health workers at such a time as this.

I am sure we are all aware that these  workers have other options like staying at home if there is no transport until something is organised for them but the fact that they are even walking to work they should be applauded for their efforts and commitment.

We are all aware that  this problem is not peculiar to Bulawayo and to health workers alone but to many other workers who find it difficult to travel to and from their places of work.

Yes the government has provided Zupco buses to transport people to work but because the buses are too few most workers only manage to get to work almost towards lunchtime as they wait for this affordable transport.

But this is not a choice because the workers cannot afford to use more expensive modes of transport because they do not have the resources to do so.   

Government needs to quickly improve the transport system and make sure that there are adequate buses to transport workers.

The other option would be to make sure that health workers are adequately remunerated so that they are able to use other modes of transport if the need arises.

I pray and hope that the promises made by Chiwenga, pictured, and his entourage to Ingutsheni Hospital nurses will be fulfilled and by doing so this will make all workers in different sectors know that when they tell government about their challenges they will be addressed as soon as possible.

— Nomatter.

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