Remain focused amid Covid-19


EDITOR – For many, the start of a new decade presented a perfect opportunity to turn a new leaf, whether that meant starting school, a new business, graduating, or travelling more.

The last thing we needed, let alone expected, was a global pandemic that brought the world to a standstill.

There is no doubt that this has left us with a mix of emotions that loom around us, more so with the uncertainty that still lies ahead. The end of the year is fast approaching, and I am sure many of you are starting to self-reflect on what 2020 has been the accomplishments, the pitfalls, lest we forget the Covid-19 pandemic that has clearly made itself comfortable.

As much as technology has enabled us to adapt to our “new” way of life virtually — for instance working from home, home-schooling, etc, it has also created room for loneliness and isolation, given our limited personal and face-to-face connections.

The question is, how does one stay grounded, connected and level-headed during these challenging times?

Some tips:

ν Acknowledge that this is a worldwide situation and you are not alone — we are all navigating it together.

ν It is important to focus on what is within your control such as prioritising your health, mental health and well-being.

ν Take caution where necessary such as practising social distancing to protect yourself and those around you.

ν Limit the amount of news updates you read/watch if this is something that makes you anxious.

ν Set a routine that fits your needs. When possible, take time to plan your day or week accordingly as this will help you stay on top of your activities, deadlines, plans, etc.

ν For those of you who are visual (or forgetful) you could always create your own schedule, download templates or use the reminder app on your phone. Whatever you do, remember to be practical and have fun with it.

ν Recognise your feelings. Identify your triggers and acknowledge how they make you feel as this will dictate your intervention. You could write them down, talk to someone, take breaks between your day, go for a walk, or practice mindfulness and meditation.

ν Take time to incorporate self-care strategies into your routine.

ν Remember that this is beyond facials and massages, but rather more of what fills you up than drains you out. Some apps to check out include Aura, headspace and calm.

ν There are also mindfulness and meditation guides on YouTube and Pinterest.

ν Re-adjust your expectations. For those of you who had set goals for the end of the year, understand that these are unusual circumstances so do not beat yourself up if they are not accomplished. This does not mean you have to eliminate them, but rather know that it is okay to re-evaluate and focus on what is realistic and achievable.

ν Stay Connected. This is where your creative side comes out.


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