Ray Vines ventures into filmmaking


ONLINE comedy sensation, Ray Vines, pictured, is working on a debut short film on the erosion of Zimbabwean culture due to foreign influences.

The 19-year-old Midlands State University student, born Melusi Chiripowako, said the short film titled Culture was motivated by his desire to conscientise fellow youngsters on the value of preserving their own culture.

On his debut film production, which has been put on hold in line with the recent banning of entertainment and recreational activities by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus in Zimbabwe, Ray Vines is working with rapper R Peels and several creative from other universities.

“This is a film retracing and promoting our culture and I have titled it Culture. I have noticed that we are promoting foreign cultures at the expense of our own and this is what the film is addressing. We are working with a number of creatives including singer R Peels.

“It is unfortunate that currently we have been interrupted by the coronavirus scourge which has forced us to temporarily halt shooting.

“We fully support the measures announced by the government including the banning entertainment activities.
“ We are therefore encouraging everyone to be on the safe side and follow advice from health experts,” said the Chitungwiza-born artist.

Ray Vines, who ventured into comedy in April 2018, is best known for his humorous skits on various subjects.
He has since done several videos around the deadly coronavirus epidemic, encouraging Zimbabweans to maintain high levels of hygiene and to practise social distancing all the time.

“The idea is to be creative and educate in the process. There are people who follow me and they will certainly learn through entertainment,” he said.

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