Rapper speaks on relocation to SA


POPULAR Bulawayo born hip-hop producer and rapper Titus Marume aka Mc Tytoh has opened about his relocation to neighbouring South Africa.

Mc Tytoh, known for his adept and unique touch on the hip-hop beat, producing dozens of aspiring and upcoming rappers in the city, surprised many last year when he joined the great trek down south.

However, Mc Tytoh who is now based in the Western Cape said his temporary relocation was meant to broaden his horizon.

“The main reason for relocating was to broaden my horizon and to learn more, in Zimbabwe we only have artists but the actual industry is virtual so my mission is to learn as much as I can and eventually return home and apply whatever I pick along the way relevantly in line with our own landscape,” he told Daily News.

“I am currently working on videos under my visuals company Mc Tytoh. I am also a partner and producer at Studio 82, an initiative run by a network of artists in Stellenbosch,” he said.

Mc Tytoh, who has released three hip-hop albums, said despite his many other duties he is still into music producing.
He said he has not dumped his colleagues in Zimbabwe. “I am still very much working with Zimbabwean artists in both production and consultative aspects. I am currently working on a collaboration between award-winning Sykotek and Canada-based lyricist Thought Electric and Tamuka based in Birmingham, UK will be dropping his debut LP which I am producing and also featuring.

“I am also currently the compiler and executive producer for the Kingsville hip-hop sessions a bi-monthly compilation of strictly Bulawayo rap tunes,” he said.

The talented rapper said he was working on releasing his fourth project Lyriseason. “I am still producing my own records though time constraints and juggling between my other roles is making it hard to release my stuff as frequently as I would have loved, it’s been a while since my last studio album Turn Up.”

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