SA President Cyril Ramaphosa

Ramaphosa accused of condoning racial division

SOUTH Africa’s main opposition party, DA, leader John Steenhuisen has penned an open letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa over EFF leader Julius Malema chanting “Kill the Boer”, calling for Ramaphosa to speak out.

Malema sang the struggle song at the FNB Stadium during the EFF’s 10th anniversary celebrations recently. In his letter, Steenhuisen raised concerns about Ramaphosa’s failure to call Malema out for chanting the song.

He claimed this shows he condones racial division and hatred. “In the nearly five years since you took office in 2019, your refusal to condemn Julius Malema’s repeated hateful utterances has shown our country what kind of man you are, and what kind of president; one who seemingly con – dones racial division and hatred,” said Steehuisen.

“Your failure to condemn Malema is an indictment of your responsibility and capacity to uphold the foundations of the South African constitution which you helped forge and have pledged your unwavering allegiance. This failure is the ultimate violation of the solemn affirmations enclosed in your oath of office.”

Earlier this week, Steenhuisen said his party will file charges against Malema and the ANC government with the UN Human Rights Council, saying the EFF leader incited racial violence during the event. The DA’s charge would consist of two elements. The first will focus on Malema’s repeated incitement of ethnic violence and the second, against the ANC, will deal with its alleged failure to take action against what Steenhuisen called its “one time protégé”.

“Brutal farm murders continue to escalate in the wake of Malema’s demagoguery,” he said. “The DA condemns Malema’s calls to ‘shoot to kill’ and ‘Kill the Boer’. I declared the EFF political enemy No 1 of the DA at our congress precisely because this demagogue will plunge South Africa into anarchy if he ever gets power. Help us stop Malema by registering to vote for the DA.” —TimesLIVE

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