Purpose is key to passion


EDITOR — The purpose is the discovery of a reason for your existence and is defined as the original intent for the creation of a thing and your purpose is key to your passion.

In the Bible, we read “May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.”

Your plans will be successful if you truly desire to accomplish them. The word desire denotes not a casual interest in life, but a deep, possessed drive for a desired end-a passion for a purpose. If you don’t have passion for something, you wont receive it.

Ask yourself, are you just existing, or you are pursuing a reason for living? You should not just do, you need to feel what you’re doing. Your passion continually motivates and inspires you. You need to have lifetime assignments.

The truly lifetime assignment is not the accomplishment of a list of goals because goals are temporary.
Truly lifetime assignment is manifested when you discover a destination for your life that is compelling that you will have completed your purpose for living once you accomplish it.

Passion is a key to your assignment because your desire is meant to be your destiny.
The Bible tells us, “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
Our purposes and passions are the perpetual ideas, dreams, thoughts and visions that fill our hearts or subconscious minds.

The Creator has “hidden” his will inside each of us. The Creator places his desires in our hearts or subconscious minds and then promises to fulfil them. Your passion is supposed to come from that hidden treasure of desire that he has put within you.

Sometimes, its not easy for us to recognise the source of our life’s passion because desires are often bigger than our pocketbooks, the level of our education, cultural abilities, our race and we figure that someone is meant to accomplish them.

If you want to make it, tell yourself I am going to go after this no matter what happens. If I have to wait ten years, I am going to get it. Passionate people are “possessed” people
You can’t be successful unless you have a real inner need to accomplish something in particular.
You need to discover an assignment in your community, world, generation and be committed. Be willing to pay the price to obtain your desire.

Passion is the juice for living as it helps us to rise above our daily routines (motivation). Passion comes from something outside the world and this world and is connecting to it.

In 1964 in Oslo Norway Martin Luther King was awarded the Nobel Prize for great work he did which was birthed from his passion to see equality in the nation of America despite race, colour or tribe.
Few people including King expected that a black man could actually win the Nobel prize. But it happened!

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