Pressure group vows to roll out protests

Blessings Mashaya

THE Poverty Liberation Movement (PLM), a pressure group launched yesterday, threatened to roll out protests against President Emmerson Mnangagwa, charging that the Zanu PF leader has caused untold suffering to the people of Zimbabwe.

Speaking to the media during the launch of their organisation in Harare, PLM chairperson Obert Masaraure said they were going to take to the streets in the fight against poverty.

“We are going to mobilise all workers to go into the streets to demand payment of all workers in United States dollars because the economy has dollarised and they deserve a living wage. We rigorously advocate for opening of the informal economy. Livelihoods have to continue even during the lockdown.

“We demand immediate disbursement of social security to cater for pensioners, people with disabilities and all other vulnerable groups.

“We demand a zero fees payment regime for all learners in Zimbabwe and immediate data provision for those undertaking online lessons.

“We are going to effect citizen arrest, strategic boycotts and other peaceful, but punitive actions against known cartels and corrupt individuals,” Masaraure said.

He added that they were going to demand accountability and make sure that corruption ends.
“We want to make it clear that our fight against poverty is a daily struggle which requires us to be vigilant. Our immediate task at the moment is to reclaim the voices of the poor to tell their stories. Only a person who understands and shares his/her story can be inspired to fight.

“We are also focused on popularising our movement to every corner of every village and every street of every ghetto. In addition, we want to take the fight to the drivers of poverty and push for accountability through nonviolent actions targeting various entities responsible for poverty,” Masaraure said.

According to Masaraure, the organisation is made up of political parties, trade unions, student movements, informal traders, youths organisations, social movements and professional bodies.

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