Preacher in ‘central locking’ controversy 

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BULAWAYO-born preacher Mduduzi Dube, popularly known as Black Elisha, pictured, pulled off another first in the second largest city after “centrally locking” a married cheating man.
The Mpopoma-based preacher who leads Christ Life Generation Church made headlines after a man (name withheld) who he had locked force-marched his wife to the prophet’s house after the woman had allegedly consulted Dube over her husband’s penchant for sleeping out.
After some protracted negotiations with the couple, the preacher eventually unlocked the man, a development that has become the talk of town.
While the development attracted mixed feelings, with some taking to social media saying Dube’s actions were ungodly and unChristian, the preacher has stuck to his guns, describing the method as the best way to safeguard the sanctity of marriage.
“It was a revelation given to me by God, this is a way of securing one’s marriage and it brings respect and true love to the marriage institution,” Dube told Daily News on Sunday.
Married people of all ages have been visiting his house seeking assistance.
The youthful preacher, who calls his procedure ‘The Spiritual Padlock’ feels there is nothing wrong with what he is doing.
“People will always talk whether you do the right thing or bad things, that is society for you.
“People will always judge but we can’t stop doing what is good and we can’t let evil prevail over good,” Dube said, adding that his “padlock” was holy and spiritual.
“I don’t use anything except the Word. I have helped many people from Bulawayo and even outside, they can testify to that.”
The youthful preacher further noted that he is using the “Spiritual Padlock” for many other things including unlocking destinies, businesses, fruits of the womb and to save marriages.
“This is backed by Mathew 16 vs 19,” he says.
Dube said while his critics have suddenly focused on the “padlock” issue only, people should also not forget that among other things he is endowed with a rare gift of deliverance and healing.

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