S A president, Cyril Ramaphosa

Pray for peaceful elections: Ramaphosa

PRAY for the government, for peaceful polls and the IEC ahead of next month’s elections.

This is what President Cyril Ramaphosa sought during a service at the Eagle church in Mangaung on Friday as part of the ANC’s Easter campaign programme.

He was speaking in his capacity as the party’s president. The campaign is aimed at “galvanising communities ahead of the 2024 elections”, according to the party, and will see the party’s top brass attend services at various churches around the country.

Addressing congregants at the 10am service Ramaphosa said: “We are here to say that we would like the church to pray to strengthen the work we are doing. The second part of what brings us here is that we should pray for peaceful elections.

“Please pray for each political party taking part in the elections, that they may do so in a peaceful manner. [and] allow our people to exercise their choice in peace,” he said.

Ramaphosa also reflected on the country’s voting history, saying that while part of the population had enjoyed the right to vote for hundreds of years, the majority had to fight for the right for many years.

The third request Ramaphosa made to the church was to pray for the IEC so it could carry out “free, fair and independent elections”.

“So we want the IEC to be at their best and to run the best election we’ve ever had because this is going to be a very complex election, with some 350 or so parties contesting it.

“We would like the IEC to be strengthened so that they are able to break forth and leave no one behind.” – TimesLIVE

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