Political persecution of young political activists on the rise…as they seek refuge outside Zimbabwe

PERSECUTION is on the rise in the country with young political activists now leaving the country to seek refuge in foreign land.

This comes as the new administration is all out to consolidate their grip on power after winning the 2018 elections.

The new Zanu PF government fears that people will go in streets to remove Zanu PF from power like what they did to former leader Robert Mugabe.

In recent years some of the young political activists who left the country include MDC youth chairperson Obey Sithole, MDC political activist Admire Mushirivindi, Makomborero  Haruzivishe, MDC youth organising secretary Godfrey Kurauone with Netsai Marova.

The young political activists left the country in a huff as their lives were in danger from the State security goons who were baying for their blood.

For Harare based Mushirivindi his so-called crime was campaigning for the opposition.

Mushirivindi ran out of luck when he was distributing MDC flyers, a man named Caleb Kadye approached him and ordered the young activist to stop.

Contacted for comment through Facebook, Mushirivindi said his life is still in danger.

“I was attacked years back when I was campaigning in Budiriro. I was left for dead, I was helped by some good Samaritans. My attackers came armed with stones and metal bars, they beat me all over the body,” Mushirivindi said.

He was beaten to death and he received treatment at Parirenyatwa Hospital and spent several days there to recover from his injuries.

The matter was reported at Marimba Police Station, but Caleb Kadye was not arrested, he tried to continue with his political activist but one day he was threatened by a Zanu PF member only named as Tembwe, they threatened to burn his house.

After the incident State security agents were daily visitors at Mushirivindi’s house. During the time Mushirivind’s close friend who is also a young political activities Gift Ostallos Siziba was also abducted and beaten at Zanu PF headquarters in Harare.

Sensing danger, Mushirivindi sought refuge to foreign land, however he refused to divulge his exact location as security agents were looking for him on a daily basis.

The State security agents continue to terrorize his close family members and friends.

“They came here every day with unmarked cars looking for admire they want to harm him saying he is the one campaigning for the opposition,” one of the relatives says as he refused to be named for fear of victimization

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