Police threaten to  impound vehicles


©️ POLICE have threatened to impound vehicles and arrest drivers who flout lockdown measures meant to contain the spread of coronavirus.

This followed the continued defiance of the measures as shown by the volume of traffic that found its way into the capital’s central business district (CBD) yesterday.

The trend was reportedly the same in most urban centres across the country.

It also comes as more and more people, especially in residential suburbs, are defying the lockdown measures.

“The security services have noted with concern an increase in the volume of traffic, with some vehicles being parked in the CBD for the whole day with no valid reason or purpose. Such vehicles will be impounded and the owners arrested and prosecuted,” national police spokesperson Paul Nyathi said.

Since the 21-day lockdown started on March 30, police have arrested close to 3 000 people for contravening the Covid-19 measures.

“So far 2 885 people have been arrested countrywide for liquor, traffic, opening of businesses, unnecessary movements and other miscellaneous offences. Police have since intensified patrols, surveillance and roadblocks to arrest those openly defying Covid-19 lockdown measures,” Nyathi said.

In the same vein, police have warned people to celebrate the Easter holiday — which runs from March 10 to 13 — in their homes.

“The police are therefore urging all Zimbabweans to observe the Easter holiday at home to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus. No movement of vehicles or people will be allowed on the country’s roads except those with exemptions. Those with the exemptions should also act responsibly and avoid abusing this privilege,” Nyathi said.

“Let us all be conscious of safety and security during this period and act responsibly to curtail the spread of Covid-19. In the same vein, let us all strive to have zero traffic accidents in terms of death, injury or even the recorded figures during this period,” he said.


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