Police, robbers exchange fire in heist attempt


Tarisai Machakaire

POLICE on Sunday exchanged fire with a gang of armed robbers at a company in Chitungwiza they had caught red-handed blasting a strong-room in a foiled attempt to steal the firm’s money, a court was told yesterday.

The court heard that around 2am on Sunday, Golden Kambama, 32, Norman Marasha, 40, and their accomplice Brighton Mangondo — who has been hospitalised after sustaining injuries during the shoot-out — went to the company premises after planning a heist.

Kambama and Marasha, who were allegedly armed with iron bars and a hammer, jumped over a precast wall to gain entry into the premises.

The duo appeared before Harare magistrate Rumbidzayi Mugwagwa charged with armed robbery and were remanded in custody to June 15.

Their accomplice’s court hearing was held at a hospital where he was admitted following the shoot-out.
The gang members allegedly manhandled security guards Shepherd Mutambaneshiri and Stewart Madekutsikwa whom they ordered to lie on the ground after attacking them with the iron bars.

Mutambaneshiri and Madekutsikwa were handcuffed and their legs were tied with shoe laces while one of the accused took gate keys.

It was alleged that they drove their car into the premises and gained access into the offices, leaving behind one of their members to watch over the security guards.

They allegedly located the strong room and used explosives in their attempt to open it, but failed, alerting one Tawanda Muswehaurare who called Chitungwiza police.

Police officers managed to apprehend Kambama at the scene, while Marasha fled after firing two shots into the air.
The suspected robbers left their car at the scene, which is being held as an exhibit.
According to court papers, Kambama led police officers to the arrest of Marasha.

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