Police must deal with errant kombi operators

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EDITOR — It was interesting to note that the police descended heavily on private commuter operators who
have now flooded our roads without the requisite permits, especially now that the coronavirus (Covid-19)
cases keep going up.
Zimbabwe has recorded 9 046 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 265 deaths, according to Health ministry figures released end of day on Thursday.

The rising cases are clear evidence that there is something we are not doing properly, thus compromising our capacity to deal with the deadly virus.

All along, the country had appeared to be on top of the situation despite the resource constraints evident all around us. One of the major reasons for the spike in cases has clearly been complacency, with most people accusing the police of failing to deal with pirate commuter omnibuses plying our roads, often overloaded and which the government has not yet cleared to operate.

The police, as law enforcement agents, must continue to be vigilant on the roads, dealing with anyone who may want to operate outside existing laws and regulations.

We need to support the police in their endeavours to deal with illegal kombis. We may cry foul when we face challenges of transport but we should be quick to ask ourselves whether the kombis are part of the solution and at what cost given their attitude towards the police, let alone failure to adhere to laid-down measures.
Chirombo Weee. Mvuma.

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  1. Ernest says

    It’s all good to hit the Kombs but what about private cars that are carrying alot more people in they cars. People are catching left in private cars and the driver is as for money. The cars are operating as Kombs and taxi’s but does not have zupco sign on the vehicles or a taxi sign. If you going for the Kombs go for those cars as well as their is no safety regulators in those cars as is jammed packed. Kombs in greencroft operating in the area. Nothing is getting done.

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