Pauline Gundidza rediscovers self

VETERAN urban grooves diva Pauline Gundidza says she has been more productive in her isolation as she has to face herself like the woman in the mirror.
“I have seen the greatness in me which I have put to use in order to survive. I have more time to focus on me!
“Apart from music, I am looking into other businesses that are essential to the current situation. There are new opportunities like online presence that are challenging me to think out of the box. Necessity is the mother of invention and I am re-inventing myself,” said Pauline.
She said of late, she has been more engaged in social media and the results have been impressive.
“I am also growing spiritually as I believe God is the only answer for the world and I hope to inspire others who have lost hope by showing them that God is still with us and He is able to see us through.”
She is also an aspiring farmer. “We have a large garden at home that is supplying a variety of vegetables to our community and we are about to embark on a poultry project as well. I am also an activist and keep myself busy on projects to do with gender, community development and human rights.
Pauline said while she has enjoyed spending time with her children through this Covid-19 national lockdown, they are not enjoying the confinement. “We are outdoors people and we are especially upset about not being able to attend church.
“My daughters are very active in youth arts programmes that our church facilitates. Before the Covid-19 national lockdown they were learning to play musical instruments, so I am looking for ways to get them to continue learning via tutorials.”
The diva will soon be releasing a collaboration she did with South African label Dreamstation.
She said Dreamstation approached her to join musicians chosen for an Amapiano Compilation or DJ Mixtape project. “But after our time in the studio my song Ndoga stood out and it has been selected for release as an independent single.
“The song’s theme is Harare and it talks of a lone villager who finds his way to the capital city. He leaves behind his home, family and lover to seek his fortunes in the big city.
“There he finds it hard to fit in because of his strong rural background and culture which is far displaced from the urban set-up. This is expressed in dance as he fails to find his step in the city and is haunted by the rhythm of the life he left behind.”
On the new project, she decided to challenge the typical sound of amapiano by fusing it with the mbira. “I believe mbira is an international vibe and it can fuse well with amapiano, which has become a trending sound globally.
“The world has never heard amapiano fused with mbira, this could be a breakthrough for us. Apart from this amapiano song, we are also releasing two of my singles any time from now considering the festive season is just around the corner.”
While the diva listens to all different types of music, she is challenged with the new concept and hopes to achieve what has never been done before.
“I intentionally went in contrast to the obvious trends that every amapiano song should follow. Of course, there are elements of the genre that cannot be omitted but we added new colour to the sound. Our sound on this song can be described as ‘folk music’. I play the role of sarungano, the storyteller.
“I commend Shasha for her achievements in the genre and for representing Zimbabwe’s female musicians who have for years been yearning for global success.
“Women can make a difference if given the opportunity and I am grateful that Dreamstation identified me as a woman who can make a difference.”


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