Pah Chihera promotes ubuntu


AFROFUSION musician Pah Chihera, pictured, has embarked on an educational programme to instil good an cultured manners in youngsters.

The programme runs under the name Pah Chihera’s Paivepo Dada Nerudzi Rwako.

“It is a platform where we teach children African values. We teach African ethics and instil them in the young ones. The programme is open to children between the age of nine and 14. It is an after school curricular activity,” she said.

Pah Chihera, real name Pamhidzai Mbirimi embraces totems in her songs.

“Our lessons encompass playing mbira, teaches about the art of greeting elders in the morning and before bed, cleaning up after you eat, making your own bed, the importance of addressing elders and using words like please, thank you and excuse me among others,” she said.

The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe promoted Pah Chihera’s programme by spreading the news on their social media pages.

“Pah Chihera has established an institution to teach African culture, Ubuntu, Hunhuism and how to play the traditional mbira instrument,” Nacz said.

Pah Chihera has three studio albums under her name: Runonzi Rudo, Mbavha Yerudo and Haitongwi Nedemo.

The debut album, a collaboration with the late Prince Musarurwa, saw her travelling to several countries for performances.

The mother of one, who is undoubtedly one of the most versatile artistes with songs in different genres such as dancehall among others, has worked with a number of different musicians in the form of Tocky Vibes and Terry Africa among others.

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