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Over 30 dance groups for Harpers birthday

AT LEAST 30 dance groups are set to share the stage at Dancers Association of Zimbabwe (Daz) president Hapaguti “Harpers” Mapimhidze’s 48th birthday celebrations at City Sports Bar in the capital this Wednesday.

Mapimhidze is looking forward to this event.

“It is a double celebration. Being 48 is not a joke; it is a milestone that deserves a celebration. On top of that, we are celebrating 15 years as Daz,” Mapimhidze said.

Some of the artistes to entertain the crowd include Zoey’s Red Angels, Manjenjenje, Sarah Dee, Pala Pala, Wasu, Crazy Boys, Millenium, Mageshi, Chocolate, Fearless, Digital, Digital Queens, Unique Queens, Hot and Bling, Kalawa and Red Piston.

Mapimhidze who also doubles as City Sports Bar manager has been an integral component of the local showbiz since the early 2000s.

“Chimora, Extra Hot, Malaika, Royal, Dragon, All Stars, Mabhatiri, Digital Queens, Naked Weapon, Zero Degrees, Starlight, Mandisa Queens, Sexy Bellas, Generations, Creamy Lolipops, Bella Queens, Clara Super Steppers and Fireworks among others are all set to showcase their dance skills,” Mapimhidze said.

He formed Daz about 15 years ago to fight for the rights of the dancers. This comes as the dancers were not given proper attention in the showbiz.

Many of them were dancing for crumbs besides them pulling big crowds.

“Most of the promoters took advantage of the poor performing economy and oppressed the dancers. Dancers were being paid peanuts for a show and now we are happy that through Daz, we have managed to correct this anomaly,” he said.  

However, Mapimhidze is worried that some of the dance groups have collapsed during the course of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Covid-19 induced national lockdowns were a blow to the local dance industry as most of the dancers were living from hand to mouth. During lockdowns, a number of dance groups have collapsed and it is like we are starting afresh,” he said. 

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