Outcry over fuel, basic commodities price hikes


FOLLOWING the inaugural foreign exchange auction held on Tuesday, the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe announced massive fuel price increases for both petrol and diesel, which are bound to have an impact on prices of basic goods and services.

Our reporters Blessings Mashaya and Brighton Goko went into the streets of Harare to seek the views of different people on the fuel price hikers.


Otillia Mutangadura, 31,

I was in the queue at a service station but when I heard that the fuel price had gone up, I calculated and saw that I could only afford to buy six litres. I then just moved my car away from the queue because I simply cannot afford to buy fuel at that price.

This is worrying because basic goods will also go up. With the way things are, I have even decided against having another child because it’s now clearly hard to feed a large family.


Denias Mucheche, 21,

I paid US$7 from Rusape. They are demanding US dollars only and life is now tough for many people.
Prices of basic commodities, including fuel are going up.
I came here to collect my grocery which was sent by a relative based in South Africa.
We are now relying on our relatives who are abroad. Back here, we are suffering.


Blessing Chikadaga, 30, Hatcliffe

It’s unfortunate that prices keep being imposed on people yet we are powerless to do anything about it. The truth of the matter is that the hike is unjustified.
Where are we supposed to get all this money from? Companies are not increasing workers’ salaries. If you are not working for the government, getting a meaningful increase can only remain a dream.
However, fuel is a necessity which we can’t do without. So, in one way or the other, we will be forced to buy it.


Denias Mucheche, 21,

The issue of fuel prices has shocked us.
This will have a negative impact on our economy, transport fares will go up and everything is likely to go up as well.
People are struggling.
There is need to deal with the issue of price hikes because people are failing to feed their families and also for the authorities to bring back the US dollar, which is more stable.


Tanaka Machakata, 30, Highlands

Prices are going up on a daily basis.
Some people are failing to buy basic commodities because their salaries are not going up.
I think at this stage, many people agree that the issue of prices needs an urgent solution.
It’s the same case with fuel.

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