Opposition leader blasts Polad

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SOUTH Africa-based FreeZim Congress party leader, Joseph Busha, yesterday came out guns blazing, saying the Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) is an institution set up to promote the ruling Zanu PF’s propaganda instead of dealing with the country’s socio-economic crisis.

This comes as the government recently announced that Polad members would soon embark on international trips to call for the removal of sanctions, with reports indicating that the junkets would cost the country $4,5 million.

Addressing journalists during a press briefing in Harare on Monday, Busha said instead of furthering the agenda of economic development, Polad was a platform for Zanu PF to propagate its propaganda.

“I understand they want to send some people from Polad to go and ask for the lifting of sanctions. We already have a government and ministers who have the capacity to go and plead for the removal of sanctions.

“But we are choosing to send people who did not receive any substantial votes to supposedly represent the interests of Zimbabwe, in what world does that occur?” Busha asked.

“Polad for me in terms of its real purpose was proven by Brian Mteki when he was paraded at the Zanu PF conference in Goromonzi in December. This was a perfect indication that Polad is just a tool by the government to hoodwink people and the world leadership has not been fooled by Zanu PF that they are genuine about the well-being of the people.

“This is why we have seen the USA and EU maintaining their position on sanctions while calling for genuine reforms by the ruling Zanu PF,” he said.

Recently the United States of America extended sanctions against Zimbabwe, saying the ruling Zanu PF has failed to implement the required political and economic reforms while focusing on persecuting government critics.

“We want to denounce the activities of Polad as FreeZim Congress and also to ask our colleagues in Parliament to find out where exactly the budget of Polad is coming from because we can’t be wasting taxpayers’ money.

“Polad has proven to be an institution of people interested in getting cars and assembling at the president’s farm to eat goat and game meat,” Busha said.

Busha further said that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government is insensitive to people’s suffering as evidenced by misplaced priorities.

“People are suffering in Zimbabwe due to the insensitivity of Zanu PF and its government. For example, how do we construct a new Parliament building when we have a myriad challenges that need to be urgently addressed?

“We are aware that there are people in Manicaland who were hit by Cyclone Idai, but have never gotten real assistance to date in terms of rebuilding their homes and schools. So my belief is that until us Zimbabweans force the government to implement real reforms, this suffering will continue,” he said.

Busha called on members of the opposition to boycott the new Parliament building once it’s completed to force the government prioritise issues that affect citizens.
The new Parliament is being built in Mt Hampden by the Chinese government as a donation to the country.

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