Letters to the Editor

Only PPPZ will free people from captivity

EDITOR —  On the first day of taking the leadership of the nation of Zimbabwe, the People’s Progressive Party, Zimbabwe (PPPZ) will immediately change the lives of our selfless, loving, brave, hard working and caring Zimbabweans, among them nurses and doctors. 

They sacrifice their lives for us all, these are heroes who deserve the best, good salaries and other benefits. 

These health workers deserve recognition, love, encouragement and motivation from leaders and in our communities. 

Any leader who abuses nurses and doctors is ignorant.

On the other hand, women were not created to be abused or to be punished, God created women to be mothers of all nations.

Zimbabwean women are in desperate need of a president who will deal accordingly with a number of issues that affect women in Zimbabwe. Women of Zimbabwe have suffered for too long. 

PPPZ party will touch lives, coming soon is a time for women to take the lead and accordingly deal with all issues that affect all women in Zimbabwe so that they change the lives of their fellow women and children because fathers have lost their identity. 

The time has come for the women of Zimbabwe to be freed from captivity.

A person who has no love cannot be entrusted with the power to lead others, he/she will misappropriate that power, misuse it to hurt himself and others

Zimbabwean women have been reduced to nothing, we certainly have to do something for the women of Zimbabwe they have been neglected and unrepresented for many decades. 

If any leader abuses women he provokes God. The scriptures have taught us that God created women for very good reasons.

It is in our hands to create a better Zimbabwe for all who live in it.

For many decades Zimbabwean women decided to take the back seat because of neglect. 

Women are very powerful, women love peace and economic growth, women are nation builders. 

If women are allowed to take the lead they will do things differently and much better than what we have seen in past four decades. 

PPPZ is going to change all this and free Zimbabweans from captivity!

Zimbabwe-ilizwe-lethu, our-country, Nyika-yedu.

People’s Progressive Party, Zimbabwe

Information Department