Online hip-hop sessions unveiled


BULAWAYO-based Kingsville TV is introducing hip-hop online sessions so as to entertain Zimbabweans during this national coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown.

The sessions, unveiled this week, will be taking place twice a month and they are already streaming on various online platforms.

“Bulawayo is arguably the capital of hip-hop in the county. In an effort to spread the music far and wide a new platform, a brainchild of online content creators Kingsville TV was recently launched where we will see bi-monthly compilation of hip-hop songs across the city in their true and raw form.

“Kingsville hip-hop sessions are meant to bridge the gap between artists and the audience,” said one of the organisers Titus Marume aka MC Tytoh who is also the executive producer.

He said they also came up with the idea after realising that mainstream media was not giving the hip-hop genre the much needed exposure.

“We have limited airtime and too much censorship on mainstream media; hence the need to create our own platform as practitioners of hip-hop where people can easily access art in its truest form and we are running it under the theme ‘By Bulawayo for the world,’” said MC Tytoh who is seasoned rapper.

According to the organisers, Kingsville hip-hop sessions volume 1 was released on April 24 and it features bangers from award-winning rapper Asaph, Cape Town-based Sykotek, The Dot Criss Swiss, Ngu Donni, Rockie Doub,

Orthodox Six, Prozac and the Nomasonto hit makers Killemol among others.

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