Oil Castor ventures into bio-synthetic lubricants


© OIL Castor Zimbabwe (OCZ) says it is planning to venture into the US$4,4 billion bio lubricants market with the launch of biodegradable brake fluid and engine oil products later this month.
This comes as there is increased demand for biodegradable lubricants across the world due to their non-toxic, environmentally friendly and renewable nature.
OCZ head chemist Takudzwa Chifamba told businessdaily that the new local products will also reduce costs and increase production and machine life
“It’s just like synthetic motor oil made from the castor bean plant. It’s a biodegradable product. It is definitely good for engines. Once you start running bio-motor products your engine will run better and much longer,” he said.
“The original diesel engine was designed with bio-motor oil and bio-diesel and was designed to never die. But we started adding sulphur and acids, which is what causes engines to create sludge and breakdown.”
Biosynthetic oils can be used as gear and chain oils, hydraulic fluids, and greases and cosmetics uses.
Chifamba bullishly added that the brake fluid Dot 3 and motor oil will outperform their petroleum-based counterparts in similar applications.
“We also have 20w40 multi-purpose oil not generally meant for vehicles, though it can be used for engines such as tractors,” he added.
Oil Castor is currently exporting other castor bean products such as cosmetic oils, soap and lotions to Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique and Uganda.

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