Not open for business, but corruption!


WHEN President Emmerson Mnangagwa assumed the presidency in November 2017, he promised so much, reforms and smashing graft. His rallying point was simple, Zimbabwe is open for business.

Slightly more than two years ago, Zimbabwe is not open for business, but open for corruption.

We don’t want to impute that Mnangagwa is corrupt, but the president and his government have failed to inspire confidence in fighting corruption.

It’s sad to remind him of his commitment. When he waltzed into power, he was more categorical on busting corruption. He gave a three-month amnesty to externalisers. They brought back trinkets. He extended the amnesty again in the fain hope more would be returned to the motherland. Nothing came and no action was taken against the culprits.

Since then the nation has been informed of more sinister scandalous deals that have gone unaccounted for.

Cartels are now all over. It’s startling that even the staple food has been hit by corruption. With eight million Zimbabweans facing starvation, we can no longer trust the government to do what is good for this nation.

Contracts and grain allocation are done based on who you know. Grain imported at a huge cost on the taxpayer’s money is smuggled by unscrupulous businesspeople  to neighbouring countries at the expense of locals.

How can that happen when you have a functional government? We have rotten eggs. Eggs, which should be flushed down the drain because of their stench.

We have a government that has lost its moral campus. A government drunk with retention of power at all cost. It doesn’t care a jot as long it’s in the seat of government.

For how long should the government be allowed to be a law upon its self?

We proscribe corruption, especially when it’s aided by quassi-government institutions.

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Mnangagwa cannot, and should not be allowed to pontificate that he is fighting corruption when there are signs that his government is promoting and abetting corruption.

This is the time for him to show that he is made of sterner steel. This nonsense of pretences has no takers.

Zimbabwe cannot be open for business when your inner circle is corrupt to the bone. Zimbabwe will never be open for business when those who are close to the power steal with reckless abandon.

We condemn in the strongest terms those who are in power to steal from the innocent. It’s cruel, and not fair!



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