Noma T uses Amapiano to tackle GBV


BULAWAYO-based diva Nomalanga Tshuma, better known as Noma T, has decided to tackle gender-based violence (GBV) using the power of her voice fused with the Amapiano beat in her single titled Ngenzeni?

Being a survivor of GBV herself, the divorced mother of two was brave enough to relive her life on the mic with the hopesof helping other women speak out on abuse and hopefully touch the soft side of men and encourage them to stop their abusive behaviour.

“I used to be a punching bag day in day out for no good reason. I used to be beaten and left for dead and endured years of both physical and emotional abuse and had to attend court cases with a deformed face.

“Gender-based violence is alive it exists, domestically and professionally. A girl-child has to go through a lot of abuse just because of her gender.

“I used to live a life of tears on a daily basis during my marriage life, sleeping outside, being harassed and beaten but I overcame,” said Noma T as she emotionally opened up to the Daily News on Sunday.

She said her advice to women is that they should determine their future.

“Women should know their rights, it’s not proper for one to stay in an abusive relationship. There is no profit in being abused, in the end you will die in a painful way. No matter how rich or influential or powerful the man is, being abused is no reason for one not to move away. In short, there is no relationship worth dying for.”

She said her release of the emotional song this month of August was well-timed to address the gender-based violence issue.

“August is women’s month and I urge society to be gentle and protective to mothers, sisters and daughters in our communities and also ask people to refrain from gender- based violence and any other form of abuse.”

The outspoken miner turned musician had her first shot at showbiz in gospel music where she released an album, Your Grace, before making an unfamiliar switch to secular music.

In 2019, she released five house singles. However, in the latest project Noma T teamed up with award winning dancehall sensation Bovas and producer BMC to dish out a socially relevant track in Ngenzeni, which is her first of the two Amapiano singles to be released this year.

“My ultimate goal is working with South African producers to add variety to my music and I want to give my fans the best of me and good music all the time,” she said.

On the new track Noma T, who says she was largely inspired by Sandra Ndebele, Deborah Frasier and Rebecca Malope, worked with South African-based talented rapper cum producer MC Tytoh.

Turning to her other job as a gold miner, Noma T said she has also witnessed a lot of gender violence in the mining sector.

“I mine gold and I have been privileged to have worked with women in mining in Gwanda. I have worked with different mines and mining groups including Geloong mine, Nqamulezwen team and Mthandazo Women in Mining and I have witnessed this abuse against women which knows no boundaries. Sexual abuse is just too prevalent in this sctor.

Turning to her music career, Noma T said it hasn’t been easy for her to work with top male musicians as there will be some form of sexual harassment.

“Female artists get abused every day but they can’t say it out because of the desire for fame. Many female artists will concur with me that in their career they have been sexually-abused one way or the other but unfortunately, they suffer silently,” she said.

Asked how she has been coping under the Covid-19 lockdown regulations in the absence of live shows, she said: “Covid-19 has greatly affected artists the world over. As a result many have turned to digital platforms for survival. However, while I haven’t been doing much on the digital platforms, I had to turn to mining and my small business for survival since music to me is a passion and a part time job.”

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