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New movie ‘Murindagomo’ set for premiere

A NEW epic movie titled, Murindagomo, will premiere this Friday on a pay per view online television platform, PlayAfrika.

The Guruuswa Film Company produced-movie is aimed at educating viewers on the Zimbabwean culture and tradition.

“With Murindagomo, I wish to entertain and educate the young generation on how our ancestors lived, counting on culture and way of life back then and also to promote our vernacular languages. The movie will premiere over the Easter holiday, thereby giving people something to look forward to,” the movie director, Brian Kugara, said.

Kugara said the love to tell the African story inspired his new project, “because most of our filmmakers tend to focus on dramas, skits and other genres so I decided to do something different”.

Murindagomo is set in the Iron Age era in a kingdom under the humble and astute leadership of King Tembo.

For a long time, the kingdom has enjoyed success and plenty until the disappearance of a magic pot brings misfortunes, a barren land and famine.

The kingdom is plunged into chaos as both supernatural forces and other territories want nothing but the annihilation of the Tembo kingdom.

“The movie is loaded with social themes and lessons, including qualities of a good leader, hard work and the importance of perseverance among other lessons,” he said, adding that Murindagomo is a family movie.

Mapfumo Katsaya, award-winning actor and commercial model, Kudzai Kizito Madangwa and Nyaradzo Chidzero, among others, feature in the movie.

Kugara, a seasoned director with over eight films, decided to unveil the latest movie on PlayAfrika as a way of circumventing piracy, which has brought untold suffering in showbiz.

Over the years, he has participated in a number of local and regional festivals, with one of his short films Wolves Among Sheep nominated for the best short film at Sotambe Film Festival in Zambia in 2020.

The lead actor, Katsaya, was equally excited about the movie premiere.

“The main inspiration about my role (King Tembo) in Murindagomo is the fact that it portrays the typical Zimbabwean society or family in which mutual respect is shown irrespective of the power one yields. It is an embodiment of ubuntu,” Katsaya said.