New hip-hop awards on the cards


Tinashe Sibanda
Lifestyle Writer

A new awards ceremony dubbed the “OG Hip Hop Awards” will be officially launched on November 30 in Harare.
Founded by Iconic Festival director Chap Moreno, the OG Hip-hop Awards will be a rewarding platform for talented hip-hop artists (mainstream and aspiring); also promoting the music, lifestyle, businesses, arts and culture in Zimbabwe.

In an interview with the Daily News, Moreno said: “The initials OG stand for non-other than Original, therefore making it the biggest, best of best hip hop awards shows in Zimbabwe.”

Moreno said unlike previous and current awards shows in Zimbabwe, the OG Hip-Hop Awards aims to bring back realness, value and originality to the culture.

“At the OG Hip-Hop Awards an artiste is nominated based on votes, hussle, content, quality of music and visuals submitted, whether by the artistes individually or his/her management and no submissions or nominations will be accepted,” Moreno said.

He added that they do not consider radio/airplay a major role player in the upbringing and uplifting of the hip-hop culture in Zimbabwe. To them it has been the number one enemy, biased, corrupt, and ignorant to the genre itself.

Moreno said at OG Hip-Hop Awards it will strictly be original hip-hop, which doesn’t necessarily mean music only but a lifestyle worth living, the artistic side of it is usually expressed through, dance, modelling, sport, music and fashion too.

“Through this event we are not in any way sidelining other music genres but creating a huge platform enabling the hip-hop community in Zimbabwe to showcase, grow and expand into businesses and creating job opportunities for our talented youth,” Moreno said.

“As we talk right now, since last week a post on the OG Hip-Hop Awards Facebook page is calling out for rappers, singers, models, media personalities, companies, socialites, and anyone else who would like to take part at this big event to submit their profiles for nomination, as soon as possible.”

Moreno added that he has been inspired to start this by his love for and understanding of the hip-hop culture.

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