Editorial Comment

New dawn to move country forward

THE New Year has started in earnest amid concerns by most citizens on what it holds for them.

Optimists have predicted that 2022 will be the year ordinary people will begin to feel the impact of the economic revival that started mid-2020 when the government came up with a raft of fiscal and monetary measures.

The birth of the Dutch foreign currency auction system in June 2020 saw a huge improvement in availability and accessibility of hard currency and firming of the local currency.

The introduction of the auction system sort of slowed a then rampant foreign currency parallel market. Prices of goods and services were relatively stable last year.

Citizens are yearning for continued and accelerated economic growth and this is possible if the country is united and pursuing common goals and objectives.

We need this year to sort out the political cacophony in the country.

Our poisoned political chalice is a bad omen to socio-economic development.

There is inter and intra political mudslinging which affects economic growth.

Despite President Emmerson Mnangagwa taking over the reins of power in both Zanu PF and the government, infighting has not stopped in the ruling party.

It appears there is a cabal in the party that is bent on seeing Zanu PF continuing to reel in a perpetual warfare situation.

This does not bode well for economic recovery and the future of this country. Mnangagwa has to swiftly and firmly deal with divisive elements in both Zanu PF and the government. Time for unnecessary bickering is over. It is antithetical to democracy and retards development.

The people of Zimbabwe have suffered a lot because of political mudslinging and deserve better.

The country needs a united government to deliver water, food, shelter, power, health and all other niceties thousands of Zimbabweans died for to gain independence.

Mnangagwa, opposition parties, the Church and civic society should this year subordinate their egos and sit on the negotiating table and dialogue the country of out a battery of challenges it is facing.

Only dialogue is the panacea to our challenges.

This is the year politics of expediency should be thrown into the dustbin of history as we usher in oneness regardless of political affiliation.

We are all Zimbabweans hence we should work for the common good of the country. We need unity of purpose and vision to extricate our nation from the current challenges we are facing.

None, but ourselves should determine the destiny of this country!