‘Nesango’ film set for March

… animation video released

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NESANGO the film, a Jenaguru Arts Centre production, is set to premiere between March and April as part of national Independence Day celebrations.
Adapted from one of Clive Malunga’s hit songs Nesango, the film is meant to educate Zimbabweans about the brutality and oppression of the Ian Smith regime.

“The film is one hour 30 minutes long. I have roped in the services of national security forces including the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services, Zimbabwe National Army,

Air Force of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Republic Police in the film’s production,” Malunga said. To promote the film Malunga, who is also the director of Jenaguru Arts Centre, released an 18-minute animation Nesango video.

“The animation video is ready for television viewers. I have been given permission to release it by my partners,” Malunga said.

The animation video is an abridged version of the full film. Born in Norton, Malunga recorded his debut album in 1987 and went on to host the Jenaguru Arts Festivals in the capital between 1992 and 2005.

Malunga told the Daily News he has taken advantage of the on-going Covid-19 national lockdown to polish up the film and to promote it.

“Due to the lockdown, I am not able to tour Asia as the norm and as a result, I have decided to focus on the Nesango film,” he said.

The lockdown has given the production team more time to work on the series’ script with writer Natsayi Gwelo. “The movie is directed by Simukai Whande, the other director who worked with Palex in Blossom,” he said.

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