Nehanda sewer, water reticulation nears completion

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Tinashe Nekati



Nehanda Housing Cooperative was established in 2000 by a group of war veterans during the land reform programme.

The chairperson of the housing cooperative, Keri Mhute, said unity of purpose, shared vision and goals were the hallmark of their success.

“We were the first to build this housing model and we will not fail. After the sewer, we will delve into the roads straight away.

“Out of a total of about 4 000 housing units, 2 800 already have sewer and water connections while it is work in progress for the other 1 200.

“We abide and follow council by-laws regarding human habitation to the letter,” Mhute told the Daily News.

“As we speak, we are one of the best cooperatives in the country. We are self-sufficient in terms of expertise and machinery. It’s important to note that when Anna Tibaijuka, then UN special envoy and executive director of UN-Habitat, came to Zimbabwe she was brought to Nehanda, which was singled out as one of the best housing models.”

Deputy secretary-general of the cooperative, Continuous Dambudza, chipped in:

“Most housing units now enjoy flashing toilets, with only a handful not connected to the main water and sewer reticulation system.

“We are, in collaboration with residents, working flat out to complete this part of the project.

“As a cooperative, we have resolved that the best approach for us to achieve this is to involve beneficiaries in those initiatives.

“In each and every cluster, we’ve arranged that the residents form committees and in order for the process to be transparent with all the money being accounted for.”

Project manager Charles Matapo expressed optimism that the cooperative would deliver world-class housing service delivery.

“The project is now on course again in terms of sewer, and water-pipe-laying … whilst dealing with electricity connection,” Matapo said.

ONE of the few successful war veterans housing cooperatives, the Dzivaresekwa-based Nehanda Housing Cooperative, has almost completed sewer and water reticulation for its housing units.

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