Mystery over Winky D’s ZIMA prize money


DANCEHALL music star Winky D says he is still to receive the $10 000 prize money for clinching the Song of the Year award at the Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA).

The awards ceremony was held on January 25 and saw Winky D’s duet with Gemma Griffiths, MuGarden being voted Song of the Year.

But ZIMA spokesperson Benjamin Nyandoro yesterday insisted that they had given everyone their dues and that those who had not received their gongs could be because of logistical problems.

Nyandoro said they have formal communication channels and if anyone has issues they should contact them. “In as far as we are concerned we gave everyone their dues. The money was only for one category (Best Song of the Year). Some winners were not present to collect their gongs and we expect them to make an initiative to have them.

“Unless some are expecting a door to door delivery which I believe will be asking for too much.”

Winky D’s manager Jonathan Banda was adamant that they did not receive their cash prize. He told the Daily News yesterday that they had made contact with ZIMA and contrary to Nyandoro’s insistent they were advised that the sponsors had not availed the money.

“We are yet to receive the money or the gong for the Best Song. We contacted ZIMA and we were told that Cashbox who had pledged to fund the category had not availed the funds. In as far as gongs are concerned we were told that there will only be one gong for the category,” Banda said.  

He insisted they had utilised the formal channels but nothing has materialised. “We have made contact through their official lines and everything we are saying is on record. We have not received any money or the gong.”

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