‘My talent exposed me to haters’


Blessing Masakadza

CONTEMPORARY musician Jah Prayzah, pictured, believes his talent has exposed him to haters and he expresses this throughout his new album Hokoyo, which has now been officially released on the market.

The album carries 15 tracks and starting today he will be releasing videos for some of the songs starting with Mukwasha.

However, online stores seem to already have all the songs for sale and some people have been sharing them on various platforms.

Early this year, the singer dropped two songs off the album; Asante and the title track Hokoyo in which he explores the subject of hate.

The song Asante is a direct message to those who he claims are fighting his progress, plotting his downfall and wishing that he struggles in life.

In the title track he tells his son of his experiences throughout his musical journey, including how people hate him for his progress.

This has been buttressed by yet another song Eriya in which he tells God how people are envying him for the talent He gave him.

In the track Wenge, the singer speaks of witchcraft and people who are bent on backbiting and how they resent his progress.

The song Muteuro was the first to be released yesterday, a song in which he combined with the Zimpraise choir and goes on a gospel tip.

It is a prayer to God and also remembers the Cyclone Idai disaster.
He also showed his admiration of local preacher Emmanuel Makandiwa who gets a mention in the song.

It has become the norm for the singer to include a gospel song as witnessed by Muchinjiko off the album Kutonga Kwaro and Chikomo off his previous album Dzamutsana.

JP also continued on his route of engaging other African singers, with a song featuring South Africa’s award-winning songstress Zahara.
Titled Kana Ndada, this is a love song, a theme JP is known for and also witnessed on songs such as Nyaya Yerudo.
In South Africa, he has worked with Mafikizolo, having two songs Sendekera and Mazuva Akanaka.

Zahara is a favourite of many people locally and this will certainly win their hearts.
The album came on a differing note with the singer minimising the chanting of his producers’ names in songs.

While the country is under lockdown, the singer did not stop preparing for partying after the pandemic and the song Tonight is one such party song.

He also did not ditch his mbira sound and traditional route on songs such as Kwayedza.

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