Muzorewa’s son in farm wrangle

THE late former Zimbabwe-Rhodesia prime minister Abel Muzorewa’s son, Tendekayi, has approached the High Court seeking to evict a man from a family farm — Cavalla — in Makoni district, Rusape, accusing him of illegally occupying the property.

In the application, Tendekayi cited John Dhliwayo, Lodewyk van Rensburg and Lands minister Anxious Jongwe Masuka, in his official capacity, and the Master of the High Court as respondents.

Tendekayi told the court that Dhliwayo took advantage of the absence of the Muzorewa family from the farm following the death of the former prime minister and illegally occupied the property.

He said Tanyaradzwa Muzorewa, who had been tasked with running the affairs at the farm had travelled to the United States on business, leaving only caretakers on the property.

“I was informed by my brother Tanyaradzwa … who was running the farm, that following the death of our father, that is in or about the first week of August 2019, 1st respondent (Dhliwayo) came into the farm declaring that he was the new owner and the Muzorewa family was now history on the farm.

“On or about January 12, 2020, the 1st respondent evicted one of the caretakers, Agnes Gabriel, from the farm. I was able to confirm that she had been forced off the farm following serious threats to her life.”

Tendekayi further argued that Dhliwayo was in illegal occupation of the farm and should be evicted.

He said an alleged offer letter that was issued to Rensburg was invalid as the government had not withdrawn the offer letter that was issued to his father in 2007.

“The Rusape district officer … made it clear to me that … no such offer letter had been issued by government to any person according to the records at Makoni rural district area and as far as the Makoni Rural District Council knew, the farm is still in the name of the late Bishop Abel Muzorewa …

“The ministry of Lands also confirmed that they had not withdrawn the offer letter issued to my late father and anyone purporting to have acquired rights before withdrawal of the offer letter would have done so illegally …”

Respondents are yet to answer the allegations.